Shelly 2.5 Smart Home WLAN Double Relay Switch 230 V 10 A, Digital

Shelly 2.5 Smart Home WLAN Double Relay Switch 230 V 10 A, Digital

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WiFi relays

Shelly Plus 1, WiFi & Bluetooth Smart Relay Switch, Home Automation, Alexa & Google Home Compatibility, iOS Android App, No Hub, Lighting Control

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WiFi relays

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Shelly Plus 2PM is a wireless and Bluetooth powered intelligent switching relay with 2 channels, up to 16A (18A peak) with power measurement, which can also be used as a Wi-Fi repeater. Shelly Plus 2PM can be used to monitor consumption and take control of all household appliances, circuits and office equipment individually. Control 2 electrical devices with one device Shelly Plus 2PM allows you to control two different circuits and monitor their consumption separately.

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